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Rate Plans
Basic Plan
The basic rate plan for a site is a monthly charge instead of an hourly charge. The minimum time charge is one hour, but often times an update or small modification doesn't take a whole hour. A monthly charge entitles you to a certain number of hours of updates and improvements without having to bill each hour individually.
This plan is designed to save you money and make budgeting for your website easier. We will also bundle in hosting if you choose to have your site hosted with us. The monthly rates are based on each client's needs.

The rates for the monthly plan are custom for every client. After we discuss what you would like, I will give you a quote for the monthly cost for creation and support for your site. After 90 days, I will reassess your situation and adjust the rate if needed. I will work with you to come up with a fair rate based on your needs.
Initial Setup
The initial setup fee is double the agreed-upon monthly fee. This is because setting up a site is a time-intensive process and a lot of time will be devoted strictly to working on your site. Most other companies charge 6-10 times what we charge for a site design. We know that is too much for most centers and have found that billing by the month makes it easier to build into your budget.
Hourly Plan
If you don't opt for the monthly plan, I will still design, update, and host your site for an hourly rate. Hosting your site is still a monthly charge; but with the hourly rate, you will receive an invoice for each month detailing time spent and and total for the month. Charges are by the half hour, with a one hour minimum.
We will host your site for a low monthly rate on You will have your own static web address which you can include in literature for parents as well as other marketing items such as brochures and business cards. The web address will be something like: Included in the hosting, you will receive a free email alias. The account name will be Your center and website will also be listed on our center directory.


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